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On behalf of our entire leadership team, we greet you with the love of Christ! Our hope and sincerest prayer are that you and your families are healthy, safe and well!


During this unprecedented season in our world’s history, we’ve all seen our fare share of pain and loss.  It’s been an undeniably harrowing experience for us all. But there have also been rays of hope and bright lights shining through!  In the midst of it all, we’ve seen a new category of true hero’s emerge: First Responders and Essential Workers. It’s because of their tireless dedication, self-sacrifice, patience and commitment to serve, that we are healthy, safe and able to persevere, even now. Postal Workers, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers, Grocery Store Clerks and Delivery Drivers, are just a few of those who put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good. Amazingly, many of these brave hero’s worship alongside us every Sunday morning and consider New Life to be their church home!


We want them to know that they are seen, appreciated, prayed for and loved! In order to do so, we are launching a new initiative called Feeding the 5000: Ministering to First Responders and Essential Workers. A key component of this initiative will be honoring those heroes who are already a part of the New Life Family. If you or someone that you know is a First Responder or Essential Worker, please ask them to or complete the form below! We’ll use those submissions to identify persons who we’ll honor and support as a ministry during this time.  Your doing so will help us to be a blessing to both the individuals and families of those who serve.


Thank you for your submissions and your time!


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