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We encourage you to get actively involved in the vision of the New Life Laurel Ministry so that you can be a blessing to someone else.  For more information on specific opportunities, volunteer descriptions, meeting dates and contacts, please fill out the interest form by clicking "Join Now" under the team that you are interested in joining.  You WILL be contacted!!!

Welcome team

Welcomes guests with a smile.  Strategically positioned to engage worship attendees in a friendly and helpful manner 30 minutes prior to worship experience.

  • Going out of your way to ensure that all guests feel welcomed during each gathering 

  • Arriving at your assigned Welcome Area and remaining there on post until at least 15-30 minutes into the worship experience

  • Designated Welcome Areas will include:

    • Welcome Tables

    • Posts Outside of the auditorium/worship space

    • Lobby/Foyer

    • Main Entries and Exterior Doors

Host team

Creates a great experience for first time guests.

  • Welcoming and greeting each first-time guest in an authentic, warm and personalized way.  This should always include:

  • greeting each guest with eye contact, a handshake and a smile 

  • making introductions by name 

  • always asking “how can I help” in a natural and authentic way

  • Ensuring that each first-time guest receives a Visitors Packet and that their visitor’s card is properly completed and received by the DATA Team

Data Team

Direct guests to their seats and create a distraction-free worship experience.

  • We believe that a sincere worship experience requires great intentionality.  Our ushers are intentional about:

  • Respecting the personhood of each individual they serve/greet.

    • This includes greeting every person with a welcome and a smile

  • Going out of their way to be kind and helpful while assisting worshippers as they make their way to their seat(s).

    • This may mean carrying a bag or helping a parent with items for a small child

  • Walking the “Tight Rope”: Preserving the flow of worship while balancing the need to quickly escort guests to their seat(s)

  • Politely enforcing the “do’s and don'ts” of our worship policies

  • Ensuring that even discord is met with grace and respect

assimilation: the A- Team

Assists people in transitioning into active and sustained ministry involvement.

  • Follow Up with each first-time guest no later than 3 days after their initial visit

  • Answer any questions that first-time guests may have concerning New Life Laurel and existing opportunities to serve

  • Encourage all first-time guests to join us at the next upcoming worship experience or gathering

  • Ensuring that all first-time guest information is properly handed off to the DATA Team

Tracks important metrics so we can care for each person who attends our gatherings.

  • Engage and utilize the church’s management database Fellowship One

  • Work with the Church’s Membership office for the management of key data 

  • Produce and Disseminate reports for key leadership as requested

community outreach

Builds relationships with the greater Laurel Community

  • Develop relationships with like-minded members of the community to accomplish key missional goals

  • Develop creative ideas for missional outreach opportunities that fall in line with the vision of New Life Laurel

  • Ensuring that missions and community are woven throughout the fabric of all that we do

security team

Provides a safe worship environment for our guests

  • Monitor each corporate gathering to ensure that all guest, volunteers and staff are safe at all times-from arrival to departure

  • Restrict movement in key areas and spaces during appointed times

  • Monitor the process by which we worship through giving, to ensure that those responsible are safe as they collect and as they give

  • Accompany special guests and lead ministers as they move throughout the worship experience and beyond

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