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our values


We authentically believe that how we do ministry makes a difference! 


The ministry conducted at New Life Church will be shaped by these Core Values:

  1. Christ Centered Ministry – Jesus is the center of all we do.

  2. Excellence – We believe God deserves our best.

  3. Community - We are stronger together.

  4. Corporate Worship Gatherings – Assembling to exalt, glorify and experience the presence of God in community.

  5. Generosity – God gives freely and so should we.

  6. Outreach and Missions – Seeing, going and serving those in need. 

  7. Hospitality – Making room to receive God’s people with grace and love.

  8. Character – It’s everything. 

  9. Innovation and Creativity – Change does not have to be a challenge. 

  10. Growth and Transformation – Outward witness of inward change.

  11. Teamwork – We believe that shared input produces the best outcomes. 

  12. Care and Compassion – Expressing love in action

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